A f t e r l i f e   :   A t t e n d i n g   t o   D e a t h

Malaysia. Retired couple Sahoji and Umi, equipped with scissors and burial shrouds, are always prepared to wash dead bodies. This husband-and-wife team have made it their life to attend to death in their village-style Malay enclave in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The simplicity and expediency of a Muslim funeral forces one to look death straight in the eye and grief can be overwhelming for loved ones. This is when people like Sahoji and Umi step in to fulfill a crucial responsibility in Islam.

Screening times for Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong/Philippines:

Wed06/08/0310:30PM (Premiere)*
Thu 07/08/03 02:30PM
Thu 14/08/03 10:30AM
Sat 16/08/03 06:30PM*
Thur 25/09/03 07:00AM
Thur 25/09/03 03:00PM
Sun 28/09/03 07:00PM*

Indonesia/Thailand screen one hour before these times

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