A f t e r l i f e   :   P r a y i n g   f o r   P r e y

India. Mumbaiís Parsi community has for centuries relied on vultures to dispose of its corpses. But now, these valued scavengers are in danger of extinction. Darabsha, a retired Parsi pallbearer braves the Mumbai traffic to go to Vasai, where the promise of vultures there will allow him to die in the orthodox Parsi way. Along the way, we encounter ingenious modern Parsi solutions to mitigate the dearth of vultures, none of which agrees with Darabsha.

Screening times for Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong/Philippines:

Wed06/08/0310:00PM (Premiere)*
Thu 07/08/03 02:00PM
Thu 14/08/03 10:00AM
Sat 16/08/03 06:00PM*
Wed 17/09/03 11:30PM
Thur 18/09/03 07:30AM
Sun 21/09/03 07:30PM*
Mon 22/09/03 09:30AM
Mon 22/09/03 03:30PM

Indonesia/Thailand screen one hour before these times

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