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Indonesia. Pak Layuk, a ceremonial custodian of the Torajan people in Sulawesi, keeps families focused on carrying out the tradition of elaborate funerals for their loved ones. Not having enough money to buy sacrificial buffaloes is no excuse for leaving corpses in their homes for too long. While some families struggle to afford these lavish death rites, Pak Layuk helms one of the biggest funerals in recent memory.

Screening times for Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong/Philippines:

Tue05/08/0310:00PM (Premiere)*
Wed 06/08/03 06:00AM
Wed 06/08/03 02:00PM
Wed 13/08/03 10:00AM
Fri 15/08/03 06:00PM*
Thur 25/09/03 07:30AM
Thu 25/09/03 03:30PM
Sat 28/09/03 07:30PM*

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