A f t e r l i f e   :   S h o p p i n g   f o r   D e a t h

Hong Kong. Jovial Tsui shops for her own funeral in the shopping capital of the world. Frugal pensioner that she is, she drives a hard bargain. Some tips from Tsui in this DIY guide to a Taoist funeral: Always buy funeral shoes a few sizes larger, your feet expand. Start folding Hell money now so you’ll have enough to spend in your afterlife. Finally, find a niche for your remains near where your favourite matinee idol is interred, you never know when you may need a majong mate.

Screening times for Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong/Philippines:

Tue05/08/0310:30PM (Premiere)*
Wed 06/08/03 02:30PM
Wed 06/08/03 10:30AM
Fri 15/08/03 06:30PM*
Wed 17/09/03 11:00PM*
Thur 18/09/03 03:00PM
Sun 21/09/03 07:00PM*
Mon 22/09/03 09:00AM
Mon 22/09/03 03:00PM

Indonesia/Thailand screen one hour before these times

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