A f t e r l i f e   :   M o v i n g   H o u s e

Singapore. The Chew family is one of 55,000 Singapore families forced to relocate the remains of their relatives to a columbarium as the gravesite is needed for urban redevelopment. The picnic mood of the family outing to move the remains belies the sadness and confusion everyone feels.

Directed by Tan Pin Pin, Moving House has won prizes at the Student Academy Awards, Chicago International Film Festival, Nextframe and Discovery First Time Filmmakers.

Screening times for Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong/Philippines:

Mon04/08/0310:30PM (Premiere)*
Tue 05/08/03 02:30PM
Tue 12/08/03 10:30AM
Thu 14/08/03 06:30PM*
Wed 10/09/03 11:30PM*
Thur 11/09/03 07:30AM
Thur 11/09/03 03:30PM
Sun 14/09/03 07:30PM
Mon 15/09/03 09:30AM
Mon 15/09/03 03:30PM

Indonesia/Thailand screen one hour before these times

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Australia/New Zealand - Taiwan - Japan